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bluedivinglogo.jpg​ Citizen Science Programs
Dive Spot Monitoring Scheme (DSMS)
All Dive Centers, at least, do this Citizen Science Program.
There are two ways to participate in this program: MDSMS cams
Divers use special cams during their dives, programmed to get images every lap of time. Scientist use this imatges to identify key species to evaluate conservation state of each dive spot.
Do you want to help in obtain important data to study marine habitats? Ask to your Dive Center guidence and they will help you.
Your own pictures
You can facilitate your own imatges, Mediterranean Dive Spots Surveillance Scheme (MDSSS) is not seeking not for nice pictures is seeking for information ... many times in your normal pictures is hidden a big amount of data for our scientist eyes.
You only have to consider few rules... indicate the diving spot.. date... and some easy things. Ask to your Dive Center guidence and they will help you.
Local Actions (LA)
Every Dive Site has different charecteristcs. Some Dive Centers has local programs to promote a concrete study.

Estudi, difusió, conservació i millora del medi ambient

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