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bluedivinglogo.jpg​ Citizen Science Programs
Dive Spot  Monitoring Scheme (DSMS)
General goal:
Obtain big amount of data to stabish conservation status of each diving site through the analyisis of common key species.
Involve Diving Community in research and conservation projects for better understanding, preservation and enhancement of marine habitats.
Data adquisition:
Data are obtained by identifying special interest species (or key species) (SIS/KS) in dive site located images.
Location of SIS/KS are also obtained by special interviews to DiveCenters, local guides, established regular divers.
Images adquisition:
Images can be obtained by two ways
1.- Randomly obtained images by divers. Images has to be related to a diving site and a date.
2.- Time lapse images obtained by special cams, provided to divers by Dive Centers. Images has to be related to a diving site and a date.
Image analysis:
Images are analysed by scientific comitee, to identify SIS/KS.
Data is processed and plotted in maps to obtain conservation index of each dive site.
Special interest species or key species (SIS/KS): defines diferent common species as bioindicator of good conservation status or impact status.
How to participate as Diver:
As a diver you can participate
Offering your pictures to be analysed by BlueDiving Scientific Comitee.
Diving with a special programmed cams provided by you Diving Center.
If you are a regular diver you can participate taking picture of you most often dived diving spot.
How to participate as Dive Center:
Dive Centers participate a as regularly Divers, obtaining imatges of your most often dived diving spots, involving divers to get the images, and participate in the project. / 672614849 / Cadí 15 Sils

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